Friday, May 27, 2011

A few years back I was filmed for an episode of the series "Woodsculpting" on the "Do-It-Yourself (DIY) network. I didn’t hear anything about it and figured it had not aired. earlier this year I noticed that the episode had been aired, and was to air again soon. unfortunately, I cannot get the DIY network on my cable, so I have never seen it. In fact, they don’t use my name or show a picture of my on the website, and the description on the DIY website of how I made spoons didn’t really seem to match what I had done on camera, so for all I know I was replaced.
I am writing in hopes that someone has seen the episode I am supposed to be in and can let me know if i am indeed there. It was the thirteenth episode of season two, entitled "Wood Spoon", I believe this is the last episode of the season. I demonstrated how I make spoons, from initial hatchet work to rough out the blanks, through the use of knives, gouges, hook-knives and scrapers. I was wearing overalls and I believe a purple shirt (it has been years now!) The network has not been able to help me with these questions, and I haven’t met anyone who has seen this show.
If someone out there can help me to find this out, and/or a place I can watch this show online I would appreciate it greatly. thanks, rodney

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